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Getting Started With Rackspace OpenStack Flex

We're now mid-way through 2024, and the Rackspace Public Cloud team has been hard at work building and delivering the successor to the Rackspace OpenStack Public Cloud (OSPC) first launched in 2012. As Limited Availability (LA) access to our latest multi-tenant OpenStack-based public cloud approaches and content begins to build up here on the blog, I thought it prudent to provide guidance on how one might onboard themselves and build resources on the platform.

What is Rackspace Public Cloud (Flex)?

In 2006, before 'The Cloud' became a ubiquitous term, Rackspace launched one of the first utility-based computing services known as Mosso (later Rackspace Cloud). Move ahead to 2010, and you'll find Rackspace partnering with NASA to deliver the first release of OpenStack - a fully open-source and open standard cloud computing platform. In 2012, Rackspace launched the Rackspace Public Cloud based on OpenStack, and shortly thereafter began delivering private (hosted) clouds based on OpenStack. To say OpenStack runs through our veins is an understatement.

Welcome to the New Rackspace Cloud Blog!

Hello and welcome to the newly launched Rackspace Cloud blog! As a space dedicated to the latest innovations and insights in cloud technology, this blog is your go-to source for all things cloud computing at Rackspace. Whether you’re a seasoned cloud professional or just starting your journey into the cloud, we’re here to guide, inform, and inspire you with cutting-edge content.